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Andy with Go Together Go Far

Andy Beckman Reviews Our Product

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Riding The Earth With RAS

Whether it’s in his 2018 F150 via quad, bicycle, skis, paddle board, or even by foot, Ryan Dauksis' passion involves all things Riding The Earth.

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Bryan Bell – Professional Walleye Fisherman

Bryan Bell is a professional angler on the National Walley Tour. Read why he believes the Active Suspension kit is the on suspension upgrade he needs on his vehicles.

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Robert’s Story

As an automotive enthusiast, certified mechanic, and owner of Rob’s Tire & Auto in Carthage, NC, Robert Pearson’s experience runs deep with anything involving automotive repair & performance.

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“It Really Works As Advertised”

Kurt explains how Roadmaster Active Suspension provides the extra strength and stability when he needs it the most - without the hassle!

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Adding Critical Stability

Ian installs and explains how this simple installation, added both stability and comfort to his full size van.

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New World Record

How Roadmaster Active Suspension played a key role in Steven Smith's record setting pass.

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Standing the Test of Time

Automotive Enthusiast and Youtuber Anthony J explains the unique benefits and how Roadmaster Active Suspension stood the test of time for him.

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Take It From Bo

Bo Brown compares Roadmaster Active Suspension with his experience with Air Bags and becomes a Believer for Life.

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Other Customer Testimonials

Just installed mine a few weeks ago and MAN it makes a world of difference! For reference I have a 2015 F-150 towing 34' Travel Trailer.

-Matthew H. on November 12, 2020

I've had it on my 2013 GMC 2500 for 3 years, works great when towing heavy trailers.

-Ryan Q. on November 6, 2020

I installed a set 3 weeks ago. Towed my 5400LB camper and could tell a big difference in handling.

-Raymond M. on November 3, 2020

I have had 2 F150's, I put this on both of them. Really makes a difference.

-Edward K. on October 28, 2020

I put a set of HD roadmasters on my 2012 F150. The ride actually improved, dramatically. I heat with firewood and the truck handles a full load much better now without squatting. I hauled a rather large load of lumber 35 miles in my 12' utility trailer and the truck didn't squat. Been on my truck for a while now. To say I'm impressed would be an understatement. Best part. Zero adjustments necessary. I had air bags on my last truck, while it was nice to be able to make minor adjustments while driving, the RAS is so much nicer. Truly a "set it and forget it" product.

Best upgrade I've ever done. It really does what you say it does. Thank you for a great product!

-Brad W. on October 24, 2020

I have a F150 with a Cap and Decked drawer system and i travel with my 5 dogs daily. Putting the active suspension took the sag out of the truck which is what i was hoping for and not compromising the ride comfort.

-Luc M. on October 11, 2020

Easy install and setup. I've been an auto tech for 35 yrs and I can say that anyone with basic mechanical skills can set this up in less than an hour. Works exactly as advertised. Rides great unloaded and very impressive loaded as well.

-Michael M. on October 7, 2020

Fantastic product!!!! My 1996 Ram 2500 drives like its brand new!!!!! What a difference!!

-Patrick B on October 3, 2020

I am extremely satisfied with the performance of my 3611-YHD. It’s like driving a new car.

-Troy G. on September 13, 2020

Love this latest addition to my F150. Felt the difference right away!

-Terence K. on September 12, 2020

After a windy trip out west, I knew I needed to add stability. I first thought airbags until your product was recommended by Richfield Trailer Supply (Flint, Mi). They were right, much better than airbags Love the ride - loaded or unloaded!

Thanks for a great product!!

-Al in Michican on September 1, 2020

The active suspension I installed on my F150 is among my top two upgrades that I have done to the truck, and there have been many. The difference it made in the handling and appearance of the truck (eliminated the terrible squat) while towing my wife's 6,000lb horse trailer is amazing. Can't imagine using my 1/2 ton truck to tow without it!

The people who RAS employs are top notch as well. The entire experience with them has been stellar, I would absolutely return to purchase products from them in the future.

-Travis M. on August 28, 2020

I first learned about this product from Bigtruckbigrv on YouTube. After hearing from many people about this product I ordered it for my new to me F150. The truck drives better even without any load! It was also super easy to install (thanks to the multiple YouTube install videos). Excellent customer service both before and after the purchase! I would highly recommend.

-Jonathan L. on August 26, 2020

I was concerned that installing the HD kit would make my truck have a stiff ride unloaded but was pleasantly surprised as to how much the ride improved overall. Even more surprising was the fact that my wife could tell a difference in the ride, "much improved" she said. Thank you for a quality product.

-Bill F. on August 18, 2020

I had your suspension on my smaller, older Tundra and it made an enormous difference in the size of the loads I could haul and tow for my Handyman business. There was no question after purchasing my newer Tundra that I was going to install another RAS as soon as I could. It allows me to safely haul and tow the loads that I need to in order to service my customers.
Thank you!

-Pete K. on August 12, 2020

Very satisfied! I've tried many other types of suspension upgrades in the past on other trucks. This system by far is the best!

-Michael M. on July 23, 2020

It's a smooth ride and I don't have to mess with air bags. Best investment I made for hauling. Installation was easy.

-Dustin J. on July 14, 2020

I installed this on my chevy pick up when this was a new product on the scene. It was the best suspension upgrade. Much improved ride over bumps, and also handled turns like I had installed a rear sway-bar. Awesome product.!!

-Tom W on June 20, 2020

Made a big difference on my 2013 f150. took me longer to kack the truck up and get the wheels off than it did to install both sides. Really noticed the difference the first time I took it out and drove over the roughest railroad crossing I would almost have to stop for. Big difference. Can't run right over it now at speed with no weight in the back. Tows my 28 foot camper way better than the old airbag system that I had to tear off my truck.

-William S. on June 17, 2020

Awesome upgrade on my F150, I didn't want to put air bags on because I had enough electric system. This was an awesome option. My truck towed our camper good and this just made it better.

-Tom C. on May 28, 2020

If you're on the fence DO IT, you won't regret it. For 2 years I fought the rough ride of bags. Normal driving and towing. With the camper I made so many adjustments with the hitch and air pressure and could never get rid of the bouncing especially hitting the bridge abutments. With the RAS there is none of that. My wife even looked over at me and she couldn't believe the difference. Rough roads, pot holes it just soaked them up. I HIGHLY recommend them. Also RAS has a money back guarantee, can't go wrong with that, but I guarantee you won't want to.

-Scott Shafer on May 18, 2020

I had Roadmaster Active Suspension on my 2013 F150 to help pull my camper. When I recently picked up a 2016 F150 Ecoboost there was no question I was going to add them again. I have to say the results are even better! Without a load, the truck handling improved significantly with my Club Car Precident golf cart in the short bed, I can hardly tell it's back there after installing the Roadmaster Active Suspension.

-David Brady on May 9, 2020

Hated my truck sagging and always struggling with towing and just poor handling. Have had add leafs and air bags in the past and tried the HD kit for my f150. Wow, rides smoother and stable then stock and tows way better, almost no squat and keeps the trailer tame. Will never not have this product on a vehicle again.

-Luke Ryan on April 27, 2020

I used to know much better not looking at the sky now. I've had it about 3 months installed and wow what a difference it has made.

-Joe Joe Dodwell on April 10, 2020

Super easy install. Between the instructions and Youtube Videos and taking my time, was easy. Set the smallest setting for "25%" assistance. Again, haven't towed or hauled anything, but noticeable difference driving. Truck actually feels much smoother, less roll in turns, smoother over big road imperfections.

-Eric M. on March 15, 2020

Installed mine today on my 2019 Silverado 1500 4x4. Obi-wan would be proud! No drift in the rift, no sway along the way. Rides like a dream!

-Charles French on March 15, 2020

When we bought our horse trailer I immediately knew I needed something to help with the suspension on my truck. I did my research and came across the Roadmaster Active Suspension and decided to try it out.. to say I’m impressed is an understatement.. rides great loaded or empty, stops my truck from bottoming out when loaded heavy and just makes towing a much safer and more all around enjoyable experience.

-Justin Meyerhoff on March 9, 2020

I'm so impressed, well engineered, model specific, fits first time!
I installed it on a 2001 Ram 2Wd, to pull my travel trailer. It performed very well and greatly reduced tail wagging when being passed on the interstate!
The 3100 lb trailer required no sway bars using the Roadmaster Active Suspension. I thought it was pricey at first, then installation was a breeze, after putting it to the test pulling my camper!
I would be happy to recommend it to anyone! It actually works!!

-Rick Walls on March 5, 2020

The lack of squat made me very impressed. The performance of the kit speaks for itself for anyone who uses their truck as a truck, but what stands out the most is the customer service and the confidence in the money back guarantee that is behind every kit. I'm comfortable saying that this kit is something I will install on any vehicle I own going forward.

-Peter Novobilsky on February 16, 2020

I put these kits on everything! So much less hassle than air bags and the ride quality is far superior!

-Just Trost on February 13, 2020

My trailer always bottomed out my suspension so I did my research and bought the Roadmaster Active Suspension. I installed it, which was very easy and it changed the ride of my truck for the better. It (my truck) has never ridden so smoothly and when I pulled my trailer it was like it wasn’t even there. Great Product I will buy again for other trucks.

-Bryan Hale on February 12, 2020

I’ve had Roadmaster on my 2010 F250 for 4 years. Love it! We are full time RV and I love the stability control that Roadmaster offers. Huge difference pulling a 14,850lb 5th wheel

-M.P. Buck on January 13, 2020

Just the road handling after the install was amazing basically feels like it sticks to the road like a sedan instead of a 4wd truck. I originally was getting them for towing but the road manners made them worth the money.

-James Courtney on December 28, 2019

Just installed your kit on my 2019 F150. Very nice piece and install was a breeze. Thank you!

-Phil K. on December 26, 2019

I am now rocking the new (F150) HD kit. I was amazed that the ride quality was every bit as good as the standard duty kit that I had installed for over a year!

-Eli Hauschild on November 17, 2019

The ride on my truck is much better after installing these. Loaded, control and unloaded. Just amazing.

-Ray E. on November 12, 2019

Bought these and put them on my 2014 GMC 1/2 ton crew cab to haul my travel trailer, changed my ride immediately, removed the bounce on bridges and the sway motion. Would recommend to anyone doubting.

-Andrew S. on November 7, 2019

I love the system, easy to install and adjust. Extremely well made parts. My truck rides better now empty than it did before.

-Brian Vancleve on November 5, 2019

Works awesome on my 2013 F150 long bed. I put my Arctive Cat Trail in the bed and pull a 25' travel trailer with no rear sag at all.

-Walter P. on October 30, 2019

Finally no sag, no loss in the Denali ride. Gained +2'' hitch ball height. She corners better too. Amazing.

-Grant C. on October 2, 2019

While doing my due diligence in researching many different items on the internet to improve overall stability on the rear end of my truck I’m happy to say I made the perfect choice. I ordered my part and was awaiting arrival. However due to unforeseen weather conditions my package was stuck at UPS while the hurricane battered the state. I reached out to RAS company for help because I needed the part for my trip. They responded promptly with a plan to get me what I ordered. They made special accommodations and had another part sent overnight to me so I could have it in time. Outstanding Customer Service with prompt and pleasant responses to me. I would HIGHLY recommend going with a company that has high standards in Customer Service no matter what you buy. That being said why go anywhere else when you have, both the best product on the market, and Excellent Customer Service with Roadmaster!!

-Joshua P. on September 13, 2019

These things were an easy install and live up to the hype. I took the camper on a test pull after installing the Roadmaster Active Suspension and my truck pulls at highway speed with no sway or hop or anything. This product is amazing and true to the claims.

-Mark Overmeyer on September 7, 2019

Love them! Roadmaster Active Suspension rides so nice.

-Brandon Moore on August 27, 2019

I've installed them (on my 1 ton) and love them what a game changer!!!!

-Scott S. on August 21, 2019

These work great, got them on my Titan XD for my heavy tongue toy hauler, also had a set on a Sport Trac several years back, ride quality does not suffer when unloaded, but improved loaded

-Doug B. on August 19, 2019

I have tried about everything out there for aftermarket helper springs. Pretty much like everyone else says airbags ride like a tank and other leaf springs are either too stiff or bouncy.
I pull a landscape trailer every day as well as a heavy dump trailer and 6000 pound boat.
I put the (Roadmaster) Active Suspension on my 2019 F150, I'm really not sure of the engineering how to’s, but these things work better than I ever imagined.
It keeps the back end from squatting and it also keeps it on the road on rough roads and washboards no matter whether you’re unloaded or pulling a heavy trailer.
I will never buy another system other than these (Roadmaster) Active Suspensions. If you’re needing extra capacity and stability for your truck you would be smart to buy the (Roadmaster) Active Suspension system and forget the trial and error and waste of time and money of anything else.

-Chris C. on August 13, 2019

Thanks for the great service, the fast delivery and your great product. I've installed the kit asap and it transformed my truck. The ride quality is amazingly good now. Stability on the highway is great and it corners like a much lighter vehicle.

-Marcus K. on August 11, 2019

Love them on my 2017 F150! Hands down the best suspension accessory on the market.

-Jake B. on July 24, 2019

One of the first things I added when I bought the truck. Had air bags once and never again. Your product really does work great

-Rob Ryder on July 19, 2019

Made the rear sooo much more stable than without.

-Eli H. on July 3, 2019

Over 300,000 miles on 4 trucks. Never let me down.

-Bill C. on April 18, 2019

I am an insurance agent for GuideOne which currently recommends installation of your product on 15 passenger vans in order to be eligible for commercial coverage. I personally own a 2000 Ford E-350 because of having 10 children. I installed your product for my own experience. This product is unbelievable. It is a completely different vehicle. I am not just recommending this product, but pushing it for safety sake. Thank you again.

-Ron F. on July 5, 2018

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