Following his recording setting pass with his 2014 F150 Ecoboost in Edinburg, TX, Steven Smith sent us an email once again expressing his satisfaction with our product. Here is (in part) what he wrote:

“I just want to say I still love the RAS. They helped me set a new world record, and helped me get a 1.58 60’. I’m now the only steel body ecoboost in the 11s and the only one with a 1.5 60’. Thank y’all for making such a great product.”

We of course wanted to not only congratulate him but also ask him a few questions, he happily obliged!

Q. Can you give a short explanation/reasoning on how RAS helps at the track?

A. “RAS is perfect for the track! The design and setup push down on top of the axle instead of pulling from the bottom. This allows for a more consistent pressure to be applied and helps to keep the leaf springs from bouncing when launching off the line. And with the way it mounts, it keeps the axle from rotating up while under acceleration. I have yet to get any wheel hop when using them, regardless of street tires or drag radials.” 

Q. Does RAS work well for you for off track use & in what ways?

A. “Absolutely!! I daily drive my truck, and from time to time I have to haul stuff. I have had my truck loaded down the same ride height even while loaded down with heavy furniture and appliances. I’ve even carried a 55 gallon drum of fuel in the back and it barely squatted.  It also helps to stabilize the suspension when going around curves. Since installing I’ve notice I have very little body roll or swaying when cornering.  My favorite part of this setup though, is that it mounts on top of the axle instead of the bottom like conventional systems. My truck being really lowered and really low to the ground, I don’t have to worry about damaging the RAS over speed bumps, driveways or crappy roads.

RAS is truly an all-in-one system, with excellent customer service!”

Q. We know a record setting truck such like yours requires top notch sponsors and performance upgrades, would you mind sharing your sponsors and complete list of upgrades?

A. I’d love to!

A huge thank you to my sponsors Southern Speed Tuning, Peragon Truck Bedcovers, T-Rex Grilles, Nitrous Express, El Paso Race Fuel, M&H Tires  and West Texas Performance LLC

SSI tune, Nitrous Express plate kit, AEM stage 2 progressive water/meth kit, AFE Stage 2 CAI, AFE hot side pipes, AFE charge pipe, SPD Turbo Adapters, SPD Catless Downpipes, 3.5” Stainless Works S-tube exhaust w/resonator delete, Ford SP542 spark plugs, SPD 170* Tstat, Belltech lowering kit, Roadmaster Active Suspension, weight reduction,  Turbosmart BOV, Roush ventpod boost gauge, Full Race mega catch can, MSD coils, racestars wheels, Nitto 450 tires, M&H drag radials, Mr. gasket hood pins. 

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