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 As I have gained experience in travel trailer towing mechanics, I have become interested in exploring additional options for improving the handling and safety of towing my 33-foot travel trailer with my Ford F-150.

Someone told me about---Active Suspension (RAS). I was intrigued and did some research and want to share what I found.

The(RAS) works by applying an additional set of springs to your tow vehicle’s rear leaf springs. These springs apply corrective counter assistance to the existing leaf springs to reduce sag or prevent "bottoming out." This provides a smoother ride and more control.

The RAS doesn’t increase your tow vehicle’s payload capacity, but it does safely improve how comfortably the vehicle can carry heavier loads (within existing limits).

The RAS provides more than just one type of performance improvement. RAS can provide some of the same performance improvement as airbags, helper springs, sway bars, and traction bars combined.

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