Ian Skelley purchased his Ford E350 15 passenger van with the primary goal of utilizing the space the van offered, to slowly convert it into a touring camper van while documenting on his Youtube page @ianskelley. It was after driving the van for a bit and during his countless hours of research he realized these types of vans had a higher tendency to roll over in emergency maneuvers.

As he continued to research, he came across RoadActive Suspension as an effective way of improving safety by adding significant amount of stability to help mitigate the propensity for instability and rollover (especially in emergency maneuvers).

Since installing the product in March of 2017, Ian says that he’s been very pleased and has noticed improved stability and less white knuckle driving on the interstate. The product has made such an impression on him over the last 2 years, that he believes that every van such as his should have the kit made standard equipment.

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