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Tried and true for 25 years, RAS® RoadActive Suspension has built a reputation for a seamless blend of improved load handling, unmatched ride quality, and enhanced overall performance. Use our kit selector to find the perfect kit for your truck and get free shipping today.

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  • 1500 Cargo Van
  • 1500 Passenger Van
  • 1500 Silverado
  • 1500 Suburban
  • 2500 Avalanche
  • 2500 Cargo Van
  • 2500 Passenger Van
  • 2500 Silverado
  • 2500 Suburban
  • 3500 Cargo Van
  • 3500 Passenger Van
  • 3500 Silverado
  • Blazer
  • Blazer K5
  • Colorado
  • Silverado High Country
  • Tahoe
  • S 10
  • Town N Country
  • 1500 ProMaster
  • 1500 Ram Cargo Van
  • 1500 Ram Passenger Van
  • 2500 ProMaster
  • 2500 Ram Cargo Van
  • 2500 Ram Passenger Van
  • 3500 ProMaster
  • 3500 Ram Cargo Van
  • 3500 Ram Passenger Van
  • Caravan
  • D100 Ram
  • Dakota
  • Ram 2500
  • Ram 3500
  • Ram 1500
  • Bronco
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  • E 150 Cargo Van
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  • 1500 Cargo Van
  • 1500 Passenger Van
  • 1500 Sierra
  • 1500 Suburban
  • 2500 Cargo Van
  • 2500 Passenger Van
  • 2500 Sierra
  • 2500 Suburban
  • 3500 Cargo Van
  • 3500 Passenger Van
  • 3500 Sierra
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  • Jimmy S15
  • Sierra Denali
  • Sonoma
  • Yukon
  • Mark Lt
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  • Mountaineer
  • Raider
  • Nv 1500
  • Nv 2500
  • Nv 3500
  • Titan
  • Titan Xd
  • Xterra Xe
  • Voyager
  • Pickup
  • Pre Runner
  • T 100
  • Tacoma
  • Tundra

Add The Strength And Stability You Need, Without The Hassle

RAS® helps with squat, but doesn't stop there. Rather than resisting weight at the frame and having to make constant readjustments like air bag helpers, RAS® springs engage with the existing leaf spring in a progressive manner. This tension coil spring provides a perfect blend of load handling, road handling and unloaded ride quality without readjustment or hassle. The best part? It installs in as little as 45 minutes with no readjustments!

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The active suspension I installed on my F150 is among my top two upgrades that I have done to the truck, and there have been many. The difference it made in the handling and appearance of the truck (eliminated the terrible squat) while towing my wife’s 6,000lb horse trailer is amazing. Can’t imagine using my ½ ton truck to tow without it!
Bill D.
I'm so impressed, well engineered, model specific, fits first time! I installed it on a 2001 RAM 2Wd, to pull my travel trailer. It performed very well and greatly reduced tail wagging when being passed on the interstate! The 3100 lb trailer required no sway bars using the RAS. I thought it was pricey at first, then installation was a breeze, after putting it to the test pulling my camper! I would be happy to recommend it to anyone! It actually works!!
-Rick Walls on March 5, 2020
When we bought our horse trailer I immediately knew I needed something to help with the suspension on my truck. I did my research and came across the RoadActive Suspension and decided to try it out.. to say I’m impressed is an understatement.. rides great loaded or empty, stops my truck from bottoming out when loaded heavy and just makes towing a much safer and more all around enjoyable experience.
-Justin Meyerhoff on March 9, 2020
I have a F150 with a Cap and Decked drawer system and i travel with my 5 dogs daily. Putting the active suspension took the sag out of the truck which is what i was hoping for and not compromising the ride comfort.
-Luc M. on October 11, 2020
Easy install and setup. I've been an auto tech for 35 yrs and I can say that anyone with basic mechanical skills can set this up in less than an hour. Works exactly as advertised. Rides great unloaded and very impressive loaded as well.
-Michael M. on October 7, 2020
I’ve had RAS on my 2010 F250 for 4 years. Love it! We are full time RV and I love the stability control that Roadmaster offers. Huge difference pulling a 14,850lb 5th wheel!
-M.P. Buck on January 13, 2020
As Chevy Colorado with a Mallett Supercharger owner, I’ve loved the extra power for general driving and towing but have not liked spinning my 20” wheels during takeoffs without trying at lights and stop signs. Additionally, I have not liked the rear bouncing around on me on dirt/uneven roads. I recently installed the RAS and it is a match made in heaven. Now the rear stays down on takeoffs and the behavior on dirt roads is so much better. Plus, this thing is mostly bought by people who tow to give better control and less squat, and I’Il look forward to the towing experience. I never endorse products (and have no affiliation with RAS) but this has been such an eye opener
Jack R.