Whether it’s in his 2018 F150 via quad, bicycle, skis, paddle board, or even by foot, Ryan Dauksis and his family’s passion involve all things Riding The Earth. If that doesn’t keep the 42 year old family man busy enough, Ryan has owned a whopping 38 vehicles in his lifetime, and has made a hobby out of modifying for performance and style on many of them.

After deciding to start his own YouTube Channel and Instagram page @ride.theearth around his pickup truck and outdoor lifestyle in early 2020, he featured an install and unsolicited opinion of RoadActive Suspension. We saw the video and had a few questions for him. He obliged and was happy to share his story with us below.

What’s the reason you decided to start a YouTube channel?

I started Ride the Earth and @ride.theearth for a few reasons.
1) I enjoy helping people out making an informed decision. There is too much junk out there on the internet. When I see people putting out poor videos or mis-information it bothers me a bit, so I wanted to start the channel to put out useful content.
2) I enjoy modifying my vehicles, might as well film some of it with honest reviews to help someone out. I know before I buy I always do a TON of research and real people reviews on Youtube play a big part. You just have to find the good ones.
3) As an art director, I also do this for fun to mess around with editing programs during my free time.

What do you tow/haul and why did you choose Roadmaster Active Suspension?
I have a 2018 F150 2.7 Ecoboost.
I tow a 4 up aluminum Worthington ATV trailer usually filled with 4 full size atv's, around 800lbs a piece not counting trailer weight.
I also have a 2018 Forest River NO BO 19.8 travel trailer which weighs 3789 lbs dry and unpacked with a hitch weight of 395 lbs.
Running either trailer, especially the heavier travel trailer, along with having the truck fully loaded with all the camp gear, bikes, generators would cause significant sway and sag while towing. I did a bunch of research about air bags vs weight distribution and hitches vs RAS, and RAS won out for multiple reasons.
RAS VS weight distribution hitch: in my case my trailer isn't that heavy, so while I would benefit from the weight distribution hitch it would only be on my travel trailer and not my atv trailer. The RAS is on the truck for use on anything I tow or haul. Convenient and doesn't affect the ride in any negative way (without ever having to make any sort of readjustment).  RAS vs Air Bags: This Video was a HUGE factor as to why I ended up going with with RAS.

What’s the overall impression of the Roadmster Active Suspension system?
I really like the added support, there is less sway with the trailers I tow, feels more stable. Less sag when the truck is loaded or towing. Works as advertised, very easy to install yourself and I would highly recommend to anybody looking to upgrade the rear suspension for towing and hauling needs.

For more pickup, atv and outdoor living related content, be sure to subscribe to Ride The Earth YouTube Channel and @ride.theearth on Instagram.

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