As a Youtuber, pickup enthusiast and owner of Scovel Motorsports, Nick Scovel has has ample experience with a variety of suspension upgrades. What he found after installing and testing his RoadActive Suspension kit in late 2020 was not only enough to make him a believer, but his new go to for rear suspension support.

Here's some of what he had to say after installing and testing RAS:

"It's active through out the entire mortion. When I hit a bump, I'm actually going to be getting help from the top to bottom, progressively. Air bags, they have their place, trust me they do. We wouldn't have done it as fast, you're either going to put an on board compression system on there where you're going to have a remove (psi) and you're going to have to set it every single time. When you have air bags in there and you don't have Daystar cups, you have an air bag that sits from the frame to the bottom of that axle, it's there, it's permanent. Whatever pressure you have in there, five PSI to a hundred, you're gonna be basically sitting there with tension in between them both."


Check out his full RAS install and road review on his 2500 Chevy Duramax!

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