May 26, 23

RAS® RoadActive Suspension Vs Professional Driver


In this we linked up with Authorized RAS® Dealer Scovel Motorsports to take his Chevrolet Silverado to Apple Valley Speedway in Apple Valley, California. There professional test and stunt driver, Joe Bacal, puts the truck to the ultimate test. Our goal was to demonstrate the performance benefits RAS® has to offer with or without a load, and in the most extreme circumstances. 

Part 1: Unleashing the Beast: The Chevrolet Silverado at Apple Valley Speedway Our journey begins at the iconic Apple Valley Speedway, a haven for speed demons and thrill-seekers alike. With its challenging twists, turns, and straightaways, this racetrack provides the perfect backdrop for testing the limits of any vehicle's performance. But today, we're not just relying on any ordinary Chevrolet Silverado. We're taking it a step further with RAS® RoadActive Suspension.

Part 2: The Professional Driver Takes the wheel Behind the wheel of Nick Scovel' of Scovel Motorsports' modified Silverado. Joe is able to provide valuable insight and context and helps us assess the truck's performance capabilities accurately. But will the Silverado be able to handle the challenges that lie ahead?

Part 3: Before and After: RAS® Suspension Makes Its Mark In this segment, we witness the dramatic difference in performance and handling when RAS® RoadActive Suspension enters the picture. Prior to the upgrade, Joe takes the stock Silverado for a spin, showcasing its baseline capabilities with and without 1000 lbs in the bed. From there, the installation of RAS® Suspension transforms the truck into a lean, mean, high-performance machine.

One of the consistent themes Joe commented on was the improved balance the Roadactive Suspension had to offer. "It's matching my inputs, which is telling me that rear isn't delayed which is exactly what you want from a system like this."

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