Sep 07, 23

RoadActive Suspension Welcomes New Australia, Oman Partners

RoadActive Suspension is proud to announce exciting new partnership with 4Blok, a leading aftermarket automotive parts dealer in Australia and Al Sa'ada Group LLC of Oman. The collaborations will see 4Blok become the distributor for RoadActive Suspension products in the Australian market and Al Sa'ada Group for Oman.

Celebrating 25 years, RoadActive Suspension has garnered a strong reputation among enthusiasts and professionals alike, and these new partnerships will further expand our availability in new markets.

"RoadActive Suspension is thrilled to team up with 4Blok as our Australian Distributor," said Nolan Mast, VP of Marketing at RoadActive Suspension. "We see Australia as huge opportunity with the growth in popularity  in overlanding and RVing.  We look forward to working closely with 4Blok to deliver top-notch suspension solutions to our Australian customers."

Australia Distribution

As part of this collaboration, 4Blok will make RoadActive Suspension's products readily accessible to Australian consumers through their e-commerce platform, This user-friendly website will serve as a hub where customers can explore and purchase RoadActive Suspension's most popular kits.

"We are excited to bring RoadActive Suspension's unique product to the Australian market," said Heath Blok, Managing Director of 4Blok. "Our team at 4Blok shares a passion for high-performance trucks, and we believe that RoadActive Suspension's innovative solutions will be a game-changer for Australian truck owners looking to enhance their vehicle's performance, safety, and comfort."

With a shared commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, this partnership between RoadActive Suspension poised to bring an unparalleled driving experience to Australian enthusiasts and professionals alike.

 South Australia: 4Blok
Phone: +04 09437386

Oman Distribution

RAS® has seen increasing growth with 2 existing partnership in the Middle East region. Al Sa'ada Group has a strong name in the overlanding and off-road performance industry.

"Interest in the region is strong and Al Sa'ada Group brings an existing strong presence to the table.", said Mast.  Their knowledge and presence in the 4x4 market will set the partnership up for success as we continue to build our brand!"

Oman: Al Sa'ada Group

Al Seeb, Muscat: +968 24455556



For a full list of our International Partners: Click Here




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