Mar 16, 23

5 Reasons Pickup Owners Love RAS® RoadActive Suspension

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Pickup trucks typically start to experience squat, bounce and instability well before reaching max payload. As a pickup truck owner, you need your vehicle to handle heavy loads and rough terrain with ease. That's where RAS® RoadActive Suspension comes in. The upgrade is designed to improve your truck's load and road handling, providing a seamless upgrade that will enhance your driving experience in numerous ways.


 1. Improved Load Handling

RAS® is specifically designed to handle heavy loads with ease. While the number one reason pickup owners consider RAS® is to stop squat, those customers quickly find out that RAS® does much more. Pickup owners love the reduction in sway and bounce, providing better control and stability when hauling or towing. With RAS®, you can feel confident and safe when towing or hauling.


2. Proven Results

  RAS® has been tested and proven to deliver results. With thousands of satisfied customers every year over the course of 25 years and testing to support these reviews, you can trust that RAS® will deliver on its promises.


4. Versatile Performance

RAS® is versatile enough to handle a variety of loads, from light to heavy. You won't need to readjust your suspension every time you switch from hauling a light load to a heavy one. With RAS®, you'll have the flexibility to transport different loads without sacrificing performance.


4. Unloaded Ride Quality

While RAS® is designed to handle heavy loads, pickup owners are consistently surprised at the improvement in unloaded ride quality. Most pickup owners notice a better handling, control and reduce bounce when unloaded. This means that your pickup truck will handle like a dream, without need for readjustments, no matter what kind of driving conditions you face.


5. Adjusts Automatically(No Need For Readjustments) 

Unlike other suspension upgrades that require frequent readjustments, RAS® is designed to maintain its settings over time. This means you won't need to worry about making adjustments every time you tow or haul a different load. RAS® is also easy to install and requires no additional components or modifications. This means you can have it installed in no time and start enjoying the benefits immediately.






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