Mar 10, 23

(RAS®) RoadActive Suspension Vs. Bounce and Rebound | A Comparative Test

RoadActive Suspension (RAS®) is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and what better way to mark the occasion than by releasing a new video series showcasing the benefits of its products? For years, RAS® has been dedicated to providing its customers with the best suspension upgrade in the market, and its commitment to quality and performance is evident in the consistently positive feedback from its customers.

One of the most common comments from RAS® customers is the reduction of excessive bounce and rebound, and the first video in the new series is dedicated to showcasing how RAS® achieves this. The video provides an in-depth look at what is going on under the vehicle, and how RAS® helps to reduce excessive bounce and rebound.

The video begins by showing a standard suspension system in action, going over a large dip in the road. As expected, the vehicle experiences significant vertical displacement, resulting in excessive bounce and rebound. This type of movement can be uncomfortable for passengers and can also cause damage to the vehicle over time.

Next, the video shows the same vehicle with a RAS® suspension system in place going over the same dip. The difference is immediately noticeable. The vehicle experiences significantly less vertical displacement, resulting in a smoother, more comfortable ride. This reduction in bounce and rebound is achieved through the use of RAS®' rear suspension helpers, which is designed to provide superior shock absorption and dampening.

To demonstrate the impact of RAS® on reducing excessive bounce, the video uses a 3-axis accelerometer to measure the vehicle's vertical displacement. The results are impressive, with the RAS®-equipped vehicle experiencing significantly improved bounce isolation than the standard suspension system.

In addition to reducing bounce and rebound, RAS®'s suspension systems also provide improved handling and stability, which will be covered in part 2 of the series.

The new video series is a testament to RAS®'s commitment to quality and performance. It provides an in-depth look at how RAS® achieves its impressive results and showcases the benefits of its suspension systems. The series is a valuable resource for anyone interested in improving their vehicle's performance and ride comfort.

For customers who are considering upgrading their suspension system, RAS® offers a wide range of products to suit different needs and budgets. Whether you are towing heavy and looking to improve squat and load handling, or looking to improve overall handling,  RoadActive Suspension has got you covered

In addition to it's line of spring upgrades, RAS® also provides excellent customer service and support. The company's team of experts is always available to answer any questions and provide guidance on choosing the right suspension system for your needs. RAS® also offers a comprehensive warranty on all of its products, giving customers peace of mind and confidence in their purchase.

The release of the new performance testing video series is a significant milestone as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. The series provides visuals and brings in experts to provide some data  and visuals for the benefits customers have felt for years after installing RoadActive Suspension system. . For customers looking to upgrade their vehicle's suspension system, RAS® offers a range of high-quality products and excellent customer support. With RAS®'s suspension systems, you can enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride and improved handling and stability.



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