Jun 11, 21

Why RoadActive Suspension?

The first question that is often asked when people come across our suspension kits is why? Why should I purchase a RoadActive Suspension kit over other kits? And of course, what does our kit provide that others don’t? These are all great questions with one answer; RoadActive Suspension is the most unique product on the market. Our product is a one of a kind suspension upgrade which provides many additional advantages that no other product can offer.


RoadActive Suspension is the only product that converts basic “passive” leaf spring suspension to mechanical “active” suspension. The two powerful coil springs hold the rear leaf springs in their original designed optimum bowed position. When strain from a load or vehicle weight shift is applied the RAS coil spring stabilizers come into action immediately, absorbing the force of the load. Being variable rated, the greater the strain on the leaf springs, the greater counter assistance force from the RAS is applied.

Interested in knowing what you get when you purchase a kit? Well, here is what you need to know:

  • Improved Driver Control
  • Reduces Dangerous Roll when Cornering
  • Eliminates Axle Wrap and Wheel Hop
  • Allows the vehicle to carry manufacturer's maximum load without bottoming out
  • Improves Stability in Cross winds Conditions
  • Prevents a Hard Ride
  • Improves Towing
  • Improves Hard Braking and Acceleration
  • Reduces Vehicle Sway
  • Minimizes Headlight Dazzle
  • Easy to Install
  • Comes with a 30 day Money Back Warranty

Click HERE to find the RoadActive Suspension kit today and experience the ultimate assist for vehicles with rear leaf spring suspension.

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