Jun 11, 21

We Care About Happy Customers! (A Testimonial)

We have covered several topics related to suspension over the last few weeks, but what do we all care about? Happy customers! Hear directly from one of our customers on how our kit has helped his ride. 

Perhaps our biggest application is for load carrying/leveling capabilities the Roadmaster Active Suspension provides. Here is what Tim from Texas had to say when he recently installed the Roadmaster Active Suspension on his 2011 1500 Chevy Silverado LT.

“I've had the Road Master Active Suspension on the truck for a little less than 2 weeks now and it's working great.”

“For the first test I towed a 3800lb car/trailer from Dallas, Tx to Lukenbach, Tx, via Austin, Tx for a total of 562 miles, a 1/4 of the trip was made on curvy roads going up and down grades and I was impressed with the newfound handling from the RAS system.”

“Around town unloaded the truck retained it's soft comfortable ride but does handle freeway cloverleafs and curves better than before with less rear roll.”

As a longtime fan and user of airbag systems I have to say I'm very impressed with the RAS system, it did everything I was told it would. A much easier system to install and maintain than airbags, nothing to worry about once it's installed.”

Installation took about 1 hour and was accomplished with a couple wrench's, socket/ratchet, floor jack, and jack stands.”

“…. it worked as advertised and appears to be a great product."

-Tim from Texas

As you see, the Roadmaster Active Suspension combines all the benefits of a traditional overload spring or helper spring with a normal sway bar application. From the installation, to the performance loaded and unloaded, to the ride quality,  there is no other product on the market like it. If you haven’t already, you have simply got to try one yourself!

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