Jun 11, 21

Trailer Taxing Stock Suspension On Half Ton Truck

There are multiple factors to consider when deciding which suspension upgrade is best for your truck. RoadActive Suspension (RAS), along with several other suspension upgrades, will certainly provide that extra support you might be looking for. However, if ride quality and performance enter into the equation, you’ll find no better option than RoadActive Suspension.

Here’s a quick question from a potential customer that you may identify with. Our answer will explain why the RAS system might be the best option for your towing and hauling needs.


“I have a 2015 Ford F-150 XLT Crew Cab with a 3.5L Ecoboost engine. We recently purchased a travel trailer weighing 7K dry and up to 9k loaded which is decently taxing the stock suspension in the truck. I have a solid anti-sway hitch but I need something to improve the ride and reduce the porpoise feeling - the sense that the truck gets loose on a rough road at highway speed. I am debating between RAS at $450 versus simply adding a leaf for about $150. I am certain you will recommend your product, but why do I need it over the cheaper leaf springs, or might it be a good idea to add both?“




Great question Robert!

Adding leaf springs (or leaf spring helpers) and RAS will both provide strength to prevent the truck from squatting/bottoming out. The primary difference is going to be how your truck FEELS and the RIDE QUALITY, at ALL times (loaded and unloaded).RAS and these more traditional leaf spring helpers are rated different and strength is output in different ways, which translates to different benefits and overall suspension feel. Our spring is a variable rated tension coil spring that applies proportionate to the load/force that is applied, thereby stabilizing the rear springs and helping to get rid of that porpoise feeling. The difference felt with RAS is distinct and unmistakable. We receive feedback on a DAILY BASIS, that the unloaded ride quality is the same as stock (or better!) after installing the RAS. Going over bumps, curves, corners, acceleration, braking - the overall performance is greatly improved.

Traditional helper springs or simply adding a leaf spring to that truck will have a similar affect or feel as putting F250 leaf springs on that F150. You'll notice a stiff and harsh ride the 90% of the time you’re not towing, and nobody wants that! Hope this helps!

Now watch “BigTruckBigRV” review the RoadActive Suspension kit here: https://youtu.be/HdUFEboRhLI

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