May 20, 22

Towing 101: You Can Have Tow-Ready Suspension In Under 60 Minutes


If you're trying to figure out the best way to improve your suspension strength and make sure your pickup truck is ready to tow this summer, don't automatically think you'll have to invest time and money into an air bag system. The crew at took the time to break down the pros and cons of airbags VS RAS. Here's some of what they had to say, or just view the full article HERE.


"Manufacturers spend thousands of dollars and have clocked tons of man-hours into figuring out how to make diesel trucks do what they do. These trucks are designed to haul and tow things safely while maintaining good handling characteristics. The original suspension on your truck allows for this. But, when you’re fully loaded, the weight can shift to the rear, lightening the front of the truck (which can affect steering) aiming your headlights higher into view, and potentially bottom out the rear suspension.

If you’ve seen an overloaded truck, you know what I’m talking about. There are remedies out there for this, but the one we’re about to highlight sticks out. RoadActive Suspension (RAS) offers a system that can be bolted on in just....(READ MORE)"


truck ras install

Why I Hate My Airbags

"As someone who is an advocate for airbags, and also someone who has never used the RAS product before, I was intrigued by its design. I want to have a rig that exhibits safe driving characteristics, even load handling, and more. Could I really get what I needed with less money and time? We’ll get to that momentarily. But first, I want to talk about why the airbags on my personal truck are a pain in the rear....(READ MORE)


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