Jun 11, 21

The Mysterious Axle Wrap Problem - Pt 2

Why Would Your Brand New Truck Have Problems?

When you have made an investment on a pickup of upwards of $30,000, and then discover you have a problem that the dealer or even a representative of the manufacturer tells you there is nothing that can be done to fix the problem, this will most likely not be the end of it.

This rear end shudder caused by axle wrap, was not just an isolated case, a significant number of truck owners faced similar scenarios. After doing some research trying to find a solution to the problem, one particular gentleman found  the RoadActive Suspension (RAS) through his research and shared his findings with members of an online community forum, where members were having the exact same problem.

Because of other aftermarket rear leaf suspension products on the market, such as helper springs or air bag suspension, many people unfortunately associate the RoadActive Suspension with these products, designed mainly to reduce rear end sag and assist with load carrying. RoadActive Suspension (by engineering & design) inherently offers a lot more in terms of reducing sway, eliminating axle wrap and improved handling. Luckily for this group of people, after visiting the RAS web site they realized there was a possibility that they may have found a solution to their problem.

The Online Research

People often rely on aftermarket traction bars to help reduce an axle wrap issue, the reason the RAS was attractive to this group of people was the prospect of the RAS providing all the additional benefits of a traditional traction bar while also improving performance even while towing or hauling.

The hesitancy was there at first, due to experiences they had previously with promises made by other aftermarket suspension companies, but with the 30 day money back guarantee they decided it was worth a try!

A Test Run

A member of this online forum, decided to be the guinea-pig and purchase a RAS to see if it would solve their problem. With much patience, he took the time to document everything from installation, unloaded performance, partial load performance to full load performance. This he posted as a thread on the forum, stating that RAS not only helped to rid the truck of the shudder or axle wrap, but also received rave reviews and thanks from a growing group of individuals that decided to install the product to not only solve the shudder, but also for all the other advantages RAS provides.

Check out F150forum.com, you will be sure to see a host of rave reviews spurned from a small group of truck owners looking to fix a common problem.

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