Sep 01, 22

Roadmaster Active Suspension Announces Name Change To RoadActive Suspension Inc.

 Roadmaster Active Suspension Is RoadActive Suspension

Roadmaster Active Suspension Announces Name Change To RoadActive Suspension Inc.


Charlotte, NC, September 1, 2022. Roadmaster Active Suspension(RAS), manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket leaf spring upgrades for light duty trucks, has changed its name to RoadActive Suspension(RAS). This change comes during a period of growth and a recent rebrand that places “RAS” front and center.


Roadmaster Active Suspension first entered the United States market in 1998 as founder Clive Schewitz sought a solution for light duty pickup and van owners looking to reduce bounce and body roll. Clive and Andrea Schewitz have continued to perfect and upgrade the system that now improves load handling, provides quality unloaded ride quality, and installs in as little as 45 minutes on most popular applications.  


“Our goal with changing and shortening our name was to better reflect the simplicity of our product line, further differentiate our brand today, and open up exciting possibilities for us in the future as we continue to grow.” Said VP, Marketing & Operations. “Leaning in to and keeping RAS front and center but shortening our company name to RoadActive Suspension also enables us to maintain some continuity and recognition we’ve built as we head into our 25th year.”


About RoadActive Suspension

RoadActive Suspension(RAS) manufacturers and distributes a rear leaf spring helper upgrade for light duty trucks with leaf spring suspension. RAS aims to provide a perfect balance of improved load handling and maintained ride quality in a simple, user-friendly way, that requires no readjustments or maintenance.


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