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RAS At SEMA Show 2021



RAS On The Road To SEMA

What is SEMA SHOW?

This year’s SEMA Show is scheduled to return November 2-5, 2021 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The SEMA Show is known to be the largest and most popular automotive specialty equipment aftermarket trade event in the world and is exclusive to those within the industry.


Roadmaster Active Suspension Debuts at SEMA

2021 has been a big year for Roadmaster Active Suspension. To continue that trend, we are excited to make our SEMA debut! Along with other big names in the industry, we’ll be in the in the middle of the Trucks, SUV’s & Offroad action(booth #56219) in the brand new West Hall. This past year has been isolating in many ways, so we’re excited to meet hundreds of other truck & rv enthusiasts in this industry

So what should be expected in our booth besides our amazing team? We’ll be displaying an actual customer vehicle, debuting a brand new in store POP package, offering an exclusive SEMA show special AND giving away over $4k in product, POP and merchandise. Want to learn more or set a time to meet with a team member, click here


What the Industry and Experts Are Saying

To help better prepare for the show, we had the opportunity to attend an exclusive SEMA Exhibitor Summit July 28-29, 2021. Because the event was held in the brand new Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall (where a large portion of Trucks & Off-road will be held), we were able to get a sneak peek of this new 1.4 million square feet space and preview the Boring Tunnel that spans the LVCC. Great experience! This event brought together both veteran and new exhibitors to talk about a variety of topics, including the latest trends and whether or not the 2021 SEMA Show would actually happen. While he made it clear he’s no fortune teller, Tom Cattuso (SEMA VP, Events) provided key insights to the sentiment within SEMA and around the event. He explained that the state of Nevada has essentially left health and safety protocol mandates up to each municipality --and that since SEMA are not health experts -- SEMA Show 2021 will abide by whatever protocols are prescribed by the city of Las Vegas at the time of the show. It’s very hard to predict what’s going to happen in 3 days let alone 3 months, but the common consensus that we gathered from those in attendance is moving forward and planning as if the show is going to happen.


Cattuso made some other related and supporting comments that we found encouraging.  He said that with the addition of the new West Hall comes an additional +1 million square feet, and while all booths are set to be occupied, this means wider aisles, more space to move, and less shoulder-to-shoulder on the busiest show days! Research shows that over the last several months positive sentiment towards trade shows trended up, as high as 81%, and the automotive industry skewed even higher. We found it encouraging that while international show registration is down (as expected), domestic registration is actually up several points over 2019.


Prospects For SEMA Going Off Without A Hitch

Coincidentally, the most recent variant was just beginning to rear its ugly head while at the Exhibitor Summit. New mask mandates went back into effect while we were at the event, so it was easy to see how quickly things can change. That said, baring some sort of national lockdown or massive travel restrictions, the city of Las Vegas, LVCC, and SEMA all have every incentive for this event to happen as it would be a massive hit otherwise. To add to that, the industry in general seems to want this event to happen and thinks it should happen – perhaps more than other industries. In a August 26th, 2021 joint press release partner show, AAPEX and SEMA both made clear their intended safety protocols. While AAPEX decided to require vaccination OR covid free test result for admittance, SEMA reiterated that they will be doing only what is required by the city of Las Vegas or state of Nevada. We’re encouraged by SEMA’s stance, and excited for SEMA 2021!


To apply for the show, visit



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