Jun 11, 21

Knowing The Difference: Air Suspension, Helper Spring & RAS - Part 2

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Heavy Duty

Typically, the larger the vehicle, the more robust or “heavy duty” the leaf spring pack will be to allow for the heavier vehicle weight and heavier duty carrying capability. Pickup truck or van owners who have vehicles that are regularly heavily loaded to the vehicles load carrying limits, will typically turn to a after market helper spring or air suspension application, when the leaf springs begin to flatten due to these loads.

Ride Quality

While the concept and design of traditional helper or air suspension applications are typically sound in terms of doing the job for what they have been designed to do, many people are surprised when they experience a less desirable ride quality. Most traditional helper springs and overload springs will only come in to play when the vehicle is loaded down, while air suspension may engage even when unloaded (depending on PSI applied). Many complain about a harsh, or “bouncy” ride inherent with these products, due to their design that resists the load.

RoadActive Suspension Makes The Difference

This is where the fundamental difference between the RoadActive Suspension (RAS) and all other product lies.

RAS strengthens and enhances the original design of the leaf springs by introducing variably rated tension coil springs that attaches to the leaf springs and works in conjunction with the leaf springs. Once installed, the RoadActive Suspension converts a Passive suspension system to an Active suspension system that keeps the leaf springs in their optimum bowed design and instantly absorbs and dissipates load force energy, resulting in significantly improved vehicle stability, balance, traction, control and ride quality with or without a load.

RAS is the only system that, besides improving load carrying, will also reduces sway and body roll, improves driver control and overall performance. RoadActive Suspension must not be compared to any other helper spring products, as the Patented design is unique to RAS.

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