Jun 11, 21

How Much Is Too Much? - Truck Load Hauling Safety Answers

Being in the aftermarket suspension upgrade industry, we get the same question asked over and over again! How much will our product, RoadActive Suspension (RAS), increase the payload or tongue weight capacity of my vehicle?

Improving Stability, Preventing Sagging, Bottoming Out and Improving Handling

Yes, our product can increase the amount you tow or haul (more comfortably) by strengthening the suspension however, the more accurate answer is, we do not recommend  increasing the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating(GVWR) as stated by the manufacturer. That number is (typically located on the inside of your door jam), it is there for a reason, and has everything to do with safety and durability of the vehicle. The ratings take into account the frame of the vehicle, wheels, bearings, axles, shocks, brakes and leaf springs.   With our product installed, this will allow you to carry the maximum allowable weight and get the most out of your truck, by greatly improving stability, preventing sagging, bottoming out and  improving handling.

Let’s take a closer look:


The tires are extremely important!  On the side wall of all tires is some important information about your tire’s limitations. This will tell you the tire load range and if you look closer you should see a weight rating and and air pressure spec. This tells us what the tire is rated to carry at the specified air pressure.  Overloading or under inflating the tire can cause overheating or tire failure. The applicable pressure for a tire depends on the weight on that tire. Contact your tire supplier if you have any questions.


Let’s look at the shocks and springs. Springs are designed with a particular weight rating in mind. The primary factor limiting the Gross vehicle weight rating is the springs. The more weight or load on the vehicle, the more the spring flattens out. As the springs flatten out, vehicle stability decreases tremendously!  This is where the RAS really goes to work, reducing the spring deflection (flattening) and greatly improving the stability!

Drive Train & Frame

The drive train and frame also have limitations. There is a reason the big three auto manufacture half ton, ¾ ton and 1 ton pickup trucks! Not all trucks are created equal, these trucks have all been designed with a specific purpose in mind.

To Summarize

At the end of the day, take into account all of these factors when deciding what you can haul with your specific truck. In terms of the RoadActive Suspension, within reason, the RAS will greatly improve the performance, stability and ride height when underload!

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