Jun 11, 21

Fuel Savings

With all the bogus fuel saving products on the market and false savings claims, people have become rather skeptical. Do not confuse Roadmaster Active Suspension with these products. We really save fuel.

Eliminating Rear 'Sag'

When a a pickup is fully loaded, the rear will sag as the bulk of the additional weight is now supported by the passive rear leaf spring suspension. The weight ultimately transfers to the rear wheels and tires that support the bulk of the load. Even if the tires are inflated to the correct pressure, the additional weight will cause the bottom area of the tires to bulge, increasing the footprint or contact area of the tires to the road. This will have the same affect as an under inflated tire and cause additional roll resistance. The tire manufactures call this "Coefficient of Rolling Friction" or CRF. This deformation of the tiers caused drag, resulting in the vehicles engine having to work harder and use more fuel. The constant flexing of the now bulging side walls as the tires rotate causes increased friction, resulting in heat build up and reduced tire life, or even failure.

Better Load Support, Smaller Road Footprint

When a Roadmaster kit is installed, it converts the limitations of passive rear leaf spring suspensions to mechanical active suspension. It also supports and assists the leaf springs to carry additional weight by holding the leaf springs in their original designed bowed position. The load is now supported by our system and the rear of the vehicle will now no longer sag, as the weight will also be distributed to the front wheels and tires. The rear tires will now no longer bulge and the footprint on the road will be smaller, resulting in improved roll resistance and less fuel consumption.

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