Jun 11, 21

15 Passenger Van Safety

Complete rollover elimination in 15 passenger vans is impossible due to the vehicles design and the complexity of a rollover event. With the addition of the Roadmaster Active Suspension system, however, passenger van safety will increase and be less prone to rollover. Thus was the conclusion after extensive independent dynamic handling tests conducted at the Transportation Research Centre Inc (TRC) of Liberty, Ohio.

The Test Results Speak For Themselves

The study used a Ford E350, 15 Passenger Van as it represents 85% of this type of vehicle on US roads. The van was specially outfitted with test measuring equipment, professional driver and a simulated 14 passenger load. “Fully loaded with 15 people, this vehicle becomes almost three times as likely to rollover in an emergency situation and is one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road today”, said Clive Schewitz, Owner of Roadmaster Active Suspension Inc. “We commissioned the TRC study to show how effective our system is at significantly improving road handling, load carrying and safety," said Schewitz. “Given the definitive margin of safety achieved by installing Roadmaster Active Suspension on 15 passenger vans, just imagine what it will do for your Pickup or SUV”, he added.

During one test, a fully loaded 15-passenger van traveling 23 miles per hour went on two wheels and nearly overturned while making a fishhook turn (similar to a U-turn). The same van fitted with Roadmaster Active Suspension kept all four wheels on the ground when making the same turn at 25 miles an hour.

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