We get it, a product as revolutionary as Roadmaster Active Suspension seems a little too good to be true. We are sure you have questions about how it works, what it does and why you should use it. You may have little knowledge on rear leaf spring suspension upgrades. Well, we’ve gathered some of the questions that we receive on a regular basis and put them all in one easy to find location.

How does Roadmaster compare to other rear leaf spring suspension products?

How Roadmaster Compares To Other
Rear Leaf Spring Suspension Products



Sway Bar

Helper Springs

Active Suspension

Reduces Vehicle Sway

Reduces Dangerous Roll in Cornering

Improves Fuel Mileage when Loaded

Reduces Axle Wrap & Wheel Hop

Eliminates “Bottoming Out”

Improves Hard Braking & Acceleration

Improves Towing & Load Carrying Abilities

Improves Driver Control with a Load

Improves Stability in Cross Winds

Extends Tire Life Significantly

Prevents a Harder, Stiffer Ride

Easy to Install

Can bottoming out do damage to my vehicle?

Yes. Bottoming out can cause excessive wear on leaf springs, bushings, shackles, shocks, tires and can do damage to the frame of the vehicle.

Can RAS eliminate vehicle rollover?

No. Roadmaster Active Suspension can not eliminate rollovers due to the complexity, and many contributing factors, of a rollover event. No individual product can. However, RAS will significantly improve road holding and stability during sudden maneuvers, thus making the vehicle safer and less prone to roll. This is especially true of 15-passenger vans.

Do I need to do any welding, drilling or cutting to my vehicle?

No vehicle modifications are required. RAS is attached to the rear leaf springs with brackets included in the kit and your existing u-bolts. Pre-loaded coil spring tension, set at time of install, holds the system securely in place. Once set, the preload never needs adjusting.

How does Roadmaster Active Suspension work?

Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS) kits consist of a set of two very powerful, variable rated coil tension springs that when installed support and assist the rear leaf springs by holding them in their (Original designed) bowed position. When downward strain from load or vehicle weight shift is applied to the leaf springs, the stabilizing action of RAS comes into action immediately absorbing the force of the load. Being variable rated, the greater the strain, the more corrective counter assistance force is applied from the RAS unit.

Is RAS easy to install and do I require special tools?

RAS is very easy to install and should take about an hour. Fully assembled out of the box with a set of easy to follow step-by-step fitting instructions, complete with pictures! For ease of install you will require a two post auto lift and standard shop tools. RAS can also be installed on the ground using a trolley jack and jack stands.

What if I need technical support?

Just call our Technical Support line Toll Free at 1-800-398-5036 and a member of our support team will answer all of you questions.

Will RAS increase my payload?

No suspension upgrade can increase factory payload and is not recommended to increase the manufacturer's rated payload GVWR, as overloading can cause damage to the frame and other under-body components. However, the RAS DOES significantly strengthen factory leaf springs and improve their ability to carry heavier amounts of weight, more comfortably. With a RAS installed, the vehicle will now be able to carry manufacturer's rated maximum loads while reducing rear sag and bottoming out.

Will RAS harden my ride?

No. RAS will not harden ride, and in fact, will improve it. Unlike other load assisting products that resist and/or transfer load to the vehicle’s frame, RAS is unique in that it is integrated with your suspension system. The key is in the powerful, variable rated, coil springs which add strength without stiffness. They convert your PASSIVE suspension into an ACTIVE suspension system which vastly decreases rebound felt when going over poor road surfaces.

Will RAS improve braking and acceleration traction?

Yes. RAS improves traction by reducing axle wrap and the resulting wheel hop. RAS absorbs the added force of increased torque thereby limiting the S-Curve twisting and subsequent release common to leaf springs. Traction is now increased allowing the rear tires to transfer torque to the ground more efficiently.

Will RAS in any way obstruct movement of my leaf springs?

No. RAS has been engineered to fit without any interference with the original equipment, provided it is installed on vehicles that are listed in the RAS Vehicle Application Guide.

Will RAS reduce sway and roll when cornering?

Yes. RAS will greatly reduce body sway and roll in cornering. Roadmaster’s powerful coil spring supports the weight that shifts onto the rear leaf spring that is taking the additional load. Holding the leaf spring in a bowed position (not allowing to flatten out) maintains a more level vehicle on turns and curves.