Toyota Tundra

I purchased the Roadmaster Active Suspension Kit for my 2011 Toyota Tundra Crewmax Rock Warrior edition. I was able to install the kit with ease in my garage with basic hand tools and a floor jack...My first test of the kit I put roughly 1,100lbs of cinder blocks and lumber in the bed of my truck and with this kit installed the truck road level rather than sagged like it would have been. My second test, I took a weekend trip to the Poconos with my truck bed loaded with firewood as well as a large cooler, extra fuel cans, and a box of chains and straps and there was a significant difference in the performance and quality of my truck over previous trips with less cargo. The lack of squat made me very impressed and performance of the kit speaks for itself for anyone who uses their truck as a truck, but what stands out the most is the customer service and the confidence in the money back guarantee that is behind every kit. I'm comfortable saying that this kit is something I will install on any vehicle I own going forward. -Peter N.

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