Ford F150

Empty test was amazing, truck felt more stable/glued. HUGE HUGE difference trailer hooked up, I'm still amazed honestly. Helped take out sag on truck with the tag trailer. That bounce ya get towing with trucks when going over dips/bumps/cracks -- that get exaggerated because of the tongue weight/leverage -- like shocks are worn out because it bounces a bit more before resettling down (racing guys will understand exactly), now it's like having perfectly tuned dual adjustable shocks. There is no bounce now, it absorbs/dampens and immediately goes back to the same stable towing like on a glass road. Nothing harsh through suspension travel at any point. Just smooth operation that feels perfectly dampened and controlled. As of right now, I think even if I had a heavy truck (3/4 - 1T) again, I'd get a set just for amazing dampening when loaded. Unreal! I'm hard to impress anymore, I'm extremely impressed with these things. Highly recommend, by far the best "load helper" I've ever had on any truck, and literally, have had them all. They're a game changer (HD kit). - Josh M.

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