Ford F150 RAS Review


I purchased my RAS system to add some additional stability to my 2019 F150 while pulling a 35' travel trailer. To say I'm impressed would be a tremendous understatement. Prior to installing the system, my truck struggled to maintain a safe level of stability while traveling on the interstate or at highway speeds with high winds. It was so bad I would plan camping trips using only back roads to ensure I didn't have to get above 55 mph and that limited us on distance to places that were relatively local. The difference was absolutely night and day. My trailer has a tongue weight of almost 900 lbs ..... After installing the kit, I gained more than an inch of rear height while under load, which essentially leveled the truck, with no other adjustments being necessary. I have to watch myself as now, the truck is able to handle the 9900 lb GVW as easily as it did my previous 5000 lb 24' TT without it and I find myself unintentionally speeding on the interstate. Only in the windiest of conditions do I find my trailer swaying now, which is more the fault of inadequate tow vehicle weight and ill likely never beat that without upgrading to a 3/4 ton. I recommend this to anyone, but I especially insist anyone pulling a travel trailer with a half ton truck to invest in this. I can promise the difference you see will make you completely forget the cost of the kit.(HD KIT)  -Dalton D.

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