Ford F150


With RAS, my F150 is now more stable, planted, and responsive. It’s a little stiffer, but not harsh like most air bag kits. it just feels sportier. The biggest difference - that back end doesn’t jump sideways on me on every corner when hitting a bigger bump. The rear doesn’t flop around when I have a big haul or tow. I have no problems daily driving these. That added response to bumps and haul stability definitely results in a safer drive. Safer for me AND my family. It’s the only system I’m aware of that helps everything. Air bags stop squat, but don’t stop axle wrap or help those who race. Add a leaf helps with squat, but doesn’t stop axle wrap or wheel hop. Traction bars stop axle wrap and wheel hop, but don’t help squat. RAS helps it all (Standard Duty Kit). - Eli H.

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