Limited Warranty

Roadmaster Active Suspension, Inc., provides the original retail consumer our Warranty that each new Roadmaster Active Suspension, Inc., product shall be free from defects of material and workmanship, as set forth in this limited Warranty.

Length of coverage: Except as provided below, Roadmaster Active Suspension, Inc., offers the following duration:
1) Roadmaster Active Suspension, Inc., kits and their component are Warrantied against defects in workmanship and materials for 5 (five) years following installation on the vehicle for which the kit is purchased.
2) The Warranty is terminated immediately when you transfer ownership of the vehicle to a second party, or it is used for a purpose not intended, regardless of your consent and/or the product is installed on a second vehicle regardless of when the second installation takes place. Because of these provisions, the Warranty is not transferable.

Obligations: Roadmaster Active Suspension, Inc., shall be limited to replacing or repairing, free of charge, any part or parts that reasonably appear to us upon inspection to have been defective in material and/or workmanship. You will be responsible for the cost of transportation charges and charges in connection with reinstallation of the defective parts.

Exclusions and Limitations: The limited Warranty does not cover the following and you will be responsible for any costs or injury you sustain by reason of these things:
1) Parts and labor necessary for removal, reinstallation, vehicle modification or any vehicle repair, service or replacement, and repair of defective parts other than Roadmaster Active Suspension Inc., defective parts, regardless of cause.
2) Any repair or replacement made necessary by any accident, breakdown or failure of bolts, nuts, washers, or any other parts used to install the products, whether or not by Roadmaster Active Suspension, Inc.
3) Unreasonable use, failure to install or maintain the product properly, modification of the product, or failure attributed to a defect in the vehicle, towing, fire, theft, environmental, condition or negligence, accidental or intentional damage or destruction.
4) Incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to, compensation for loss of use of the product or vehicle, inconvenience, lost profit, or any other direct or indirect loss.

As the installation and removal are not covered by this Warranty, we recommend that you inspect the installation of the Roadmaster Active Suspension In., kit to ensure that the product was installed safely and presents, beyond any reasonable doubt, no danger to any other part(s) of the vehicle such as brake lines, gas tank and lines, sewer lines, electrical wiring, or the chassis.

How to Obtain Service: To obtain Warranty replacement parts or repair, Roadmaster Active Suspension Inc., must first be contacted by letter or telephone giving your name, make, model and year of vehicle, and evidence of date of installation. Written or verbal approval will be given to you by an authorized Roadmaster Active Suspension, Inc., employee and you must then return the part to be replaced or repaired, at our option, freight paid, to our warehouse. The replacement part will be shipped within fifteen (15) days following our receipt of the original part. Be sure to obtain our approval before returning products to our warehouse. They will not be accepted until you obtain approval.

The above Warranty is the only warranty extended to you by Roadmaster Active Suspension, Inc.


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