Frequently Asked Questions

We get it - a product as revolutionary as Roadmaster Active Suspension seems a little too good to be true. We are sure you have questions about how it works, what it does, and why you should use it. And you may not know much about rear leaf spring suspension upgrades. Here, we answer the frequently asked questions that we receive on a regular basis.

What if I need technical support?

Just call our Technical Support line Toll Free at 1-800-398-5036 and a member of our support team will answer all of you questions.

Can an authorized dealer help me with installation?

While the installation of our kits are considered simple and among the easiest in the industry, Roadmaster Active Suspension dealers possess installation experience and industry knowledge for those more comfortable with professional installation. Click here to find a dealer near you.

How does Roadmaster Active Suspension work?

Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS) kits consist of a set of two very powerful, variable rated coil tension springs that when installed support and assist the rear leaf springs by holding them in their (Original designed) bowed position. When downward strain from load or vehicle weight shift is applied to the leaf springs, the stabilizing action of RAS comes into action immediately absorbing the force of the load. The greater the strain, the more corrective counter assistance force is applied from the RAS spring.

Is RAS easy to install and do I require special tools?

RAS is very easy to install and should take about an hour. Fully assembled out of the box with a set of easy to follow step-by-step fitting instructions, complete with pictures! For ease of install you will require a two post auto lift and standard shop tools. RAS can also be installed on the ground using a trolley jack and jack stands.

Will RAS improve braking and acceleration traction?

Yes. RAS improves traction by reducing axle wrap and the resulting wheel hop. RAS absorbs the added force of increased torque thereby limiting the S-Curve twisting and subsequent release common to leaf springs. Traction is now increased allowing the rear tires to transfer torque to the ground more efficiently.

Will RAS reduce sway and roll when cornering?

Yes. RAS will greatly reduce body sway and roll in cornering. Roadmaster’s powerful coil spring supports the weight that shifts onto the rear leaf spring that is taking the additional load. Holding the leaf spring in a bowed position (not allowing to flatten out) maintains a more level vehicle on turns and curves.

Will RAS fit on a truck with a lift kit?

Roadmaster Active Suspension kit specs are based off of stock vehicles, without any aftermarket suspension modifications. From a fitment standpoint, RAS generally fits lifted trucks without an issue. An issue may arise if the lift block is fabricated in an odd shape that interferes with our axle connecting brackets, or if it's a complete suspension swap. Before ordering a RAS for your lifted or leveled truck, be sure to check your suspension to look for possible issues as described. If there appears to be an issue as described in either one of these two instances, email us at sales@activesuspension for assistance and further instruction.
Provided fitment is not an issue, RAS works great on lifted and leveled trucks from a functionality standpoint, greatly reducing squat caused by towing, significantly improving stability, excessive bounce and any axle wrap/wheel hop.

Will RAS help get rid of my squat?

While RAS is geared towards significantly improving performance and overall towing experience & capability without hassle (by improving ride quality, significantly reducing sway, bounce and body roll), one of the most noticeable visual benefits is reducing rear squat when towing or hauling. Because the RAS works in conjunction with the existing leaf springs (that vary greatly in rating), the amount the RAS reduces rear squat will vary as well. Generally, a pickup owner experiencing 2-3 inches of squat should expect the RAS to keep that truck level or extremely close to level. For vehicles experiencing over the 2-3 inches of squat, RAS will still help and an improvement should still be seen, but remaining perfectly level should not be expected.

Will RAS harden my ride?

No. RAS will not harden ride, and in fact, will improve it. Unlike other load assisting products that resist and/or transfer load to the vehicle’s frame, RAS is unique in that it is integrated with your suspension system. The key is in the powerful, variable rated, coil springs which add strength without stiffness. They convert your PASSIVE suspension into an ACTIVE suspension system which vastly decreases rebound felt when going over poor road surfaces.

Is the RAS kit compatible with a Weight Distribution hitch?

Our kits work great in conjunction with a Weight Distribution or Equilizer Hitch. If the WDH/Equalizer has been in use prior to installing RAS, a slight readjustment on the WDH/ Equalizer to add a bit more weight towards the rear of the truck (back onto to the hitch) is often optimal.

Where can I buy if I'm in Canada?

We have two options! You can go to our "Contact" page here to contact our Canadian Distributor OR purchase directly from our website. Please note that shipping costs can be quite costly when shipping direct.