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The active suspension I installed on my F150 is among my top two upgrades that I have done to the truck, and there have been many. The difference it made in the handling and appearance of the truck (eliminated the terrible squat) while towing my wife’s 6,000lb horse trailer is amazing. Can’t imagine using my ½ ton truck to tow without it!
-Travis M. on August 28, 2020
Just installed mine a few weeks ago and MAN it makes a world of difference! For reference I have a 2015 F-150 towing 34' Travel Trailer.
Matthew H. on November 12, 2020
I've had it on my 2013 GMC 2500 for 3 years, works great when towing heavy trailers.
-Ryan Q. on November 6, 2020
When we bought our horse trailer I immediately knew I needed something to help with the suspension on my truck. I did my research and came across the Roadmaster Active Suspension and decided to try it out.. to say I’m impressed is an understatement.. rides great loaded or empty, stops my truck from bottoming out when loaded heavy and just makes towing a much safer and more all around enjoyable experience.
-Justin Meyerhoff on March 9, 2020
I installed a set 3 weeks ago. Towed my 5400LB camper and could tell a big difference in handling.
-Raymond M. on November 3, 2020
I have had 2 F150's, I put this on both of them. Really makes a difference.
-Edward K. on October 28, 2020
I'm so impressed, well engineered, model specific, fits first time! I installed it on a 2001 Ram 2Wd, to pull my travel trailer. It performed very well and greatly reduced tail wagging when being passed on the interstate! The 3100 lb trailer required no sway bars using the Roadmaster Active Suspension. I thought it was pricey at first, then installation was a breeze, after putting it to the test pulling my camper! I would be happy to recommend it to anyone! It actually works!!
-Rick Walls on March 5, 2020
Fantastic product!!!! My 1996 Ram 2500 drives like its brand new!!!!! What a difference!!
-Patrick B on October 3, 2020
Just the road handling after the install was amazing basically feels like it sticks to the road like a sedan instead of a 4wd truck. I originally was getting them for towing but the road manners made them worth the money.
-James Courtney on December 28, 2019
Bought these and put them on my 2014 GMC 1/2 ton crew cab to haul my travel trailer, changed my ride immediately, removed the bounce on bridges and the sway motion. Would recommend to anyone doubting.
-Andrew S. on November 7, 2019