Over the last few years, Kurt has been active on several different online forums and has been vocal about the versatility and all around effectiveness of the RoadActive Suspension on his F150. He was kind enough to snap some pictures and answer some questions for us on his experience towing and hauling with the Roadmaster Active Suspension.

RAS: Tell us a little bit about yourself, what do you enjoy doing for fun?

Kurt: I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and MTB riding.

RAS: What truck are you running? Is this your first truck?

Kurt: I have owned several pickup trucks and currently drive a 2016 Ford F150 Lariat

RAS: What do you currently tow/haul?

Kurt: I typically tow/haul my 28’ travel trailer and a 16’ cargo trailer with atv inside.

RAS: How often do you make it out on the road with your travel trailer? Has Roadmaster Active Suspension improved your towing experience in any way?

Kurt: We travel quite a bit in the summer time with the travel trailer; we’ve traveled to Colorado twice with the trailer and Disney World once. Plus we go camping about once a month to state parks. RoadActive Suspension has made hauling my ATV in the bed of my truck less stressful.  I recall one particular time when driving home from Colorado going through Kansas, we were having some very strong cross winds as a result of thunderstorm ahead of us, and the RAS really helped keep the truck stable.

RAS: What was your towing experience before installing RoadActive Suspension?

Kurt: I was a little bumpy and was not very stable.

RAS: Have you ever used any other suspension upgrades currently or in the past?

Kurt: I installed Bilstein shocks on my old Silverado and have Bilstein shocks on the rear of my current truck.

RAS: At what point did you decide that you needed to add a suspension upgrade?

Kurt: I originally bought the RAS for my last truck a 2012 Ford F150 to help with axle wrap, when I purchased my new truck I found out that the old system would fit on my current truck and I put them on to help with the sway and bouncing when towing my travel trailer.

RAS: What led you to the suspension upgrade you chose?

Kurt: It was the only product on the market to stop the axle wrap issues with my 2012 F150.

RAS: How did you find out about RoadActive Suspension?

Kurt: I originally found out about it from a thread on www.F150forum.com (when researching fixes for F150 Axle Wrap)

RAS: What would you say is the main reason you decided to give RAS a try?

Kurt: First was the price, and it was the only product available to stop the axle wrap on my truck.

RAS: How would you describe the installation process?

Kurt: I did the install myself, because I’m fairly mechanically inclined and it was a very easy process to install.

RAS: What’s been your experience with our product installed on your truck(s)? What do you like about RAS the most?

Kurt: It has really helped the overall stability of my truck.  It works like helper springs to keep the truck for squatting with a heavy load and unloaded it works like a sway bar to keep the rear end level.

RAS: From your experience, what is the biggest difference(s) between the RAS and any other suspension upgrades you’ve had experience with?

Kurt: It really works as advertised!

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