Bryan Bell – Professional Walleye Fisherman

As a professional angler on the National Walley Tour, an influencer, and businessman in the outdoor recreation industry, Bryan Bell is a busy man. His demanding schedule requires over 35,000 miles a year on the road, most of which while towing his boat.

When it comes to picking the right suspension upgrade to improve stability and reduce any rear squat on his tow vehicle, the absolute simplicity, reliability and flexibility to give him what he needs in any situation is why RoadActive Suspension is his choice. After being turned into a true believer from using the kit on his previous 2014 and 2016 Ford Trucks, adding the kit to his new 19’ Ford F350 was a must for Bryan.

Many new Superduty’s come with an optional heavy duty package which include stock (top) overload springs. In this Video, Bryan walks us through an installation on his top overload spring equipped Superduty.

You can follow Bryan on Instagram @bryanbellproangler


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